• 52 Litre Capacity Tank

  • 3000 Watt Heating Element

  • 13kg Grain Capacity

  • Magnetic Reciliation Pump

  • Immersion Chiller

  • Hop Spider

  • 304s/s locked valve and recirculation pipe with adjus

  • Manual and auto mode with 9 step mashing 

  • Adjustable temperature, power and timer settings

  • 220V-240V 3000W 50Hz/60Hz

Whether light or dark, top or bottom-fermented, wheat or pils,  the Guten XL is the right way to go. Even beginners can make refreshingly delicious self-made home brews!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobby brewer, the Guten XL mash kettle provides a simple complete package for the application of the brew mash. Up to 45 liters of brewing material can be boiled in the large stainless steel boiler. A clear touch panel with an LCD display can be used to manually set the temperature, cooking time and power - or you can pass the entire process over to automatic control. The 3000 W powerful heating element then brings the mash up to temperature. It reaches the desired temperature quickly and easily, then keeps it at a constant temperature for hours. A built-in display always reveals exactly which of the six individually programmable, mash steps the device is currently in.

Particularly practical is the range of accessories offered by the Guten XL, which help in the process in various ways: a sieve insert and the grain container make it easy to remove the grains from the pre-wort. The circulating pump also facilitates the stirring of the mash, and the brewing material can be cooled in a short time. With the drain tap, the transfer into the fermentation tank becomes a piece of cake. All parts are made of 304 stainless steel. This means that no metal tastes get into the beer and that the kettle can be easily cleaned after use.

Fresh beer from your own home brewery? It couldn’t be easier: with the Guten, every hobby brewer can easily achieve master brewing quality.


At this moment all our GutensXL are fitted with an EU Type Plug.


The GutenXL comes with a full 1 year manufactures warranty guaranteeing it against manufacturing defects.